"Our Karl Rove is the blog you should be glad that Democratic strategists don't seem to listen to"
-- what they're saying on Republican blogs

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Rove to the Next Guy: Report to the Principle Immediately

In my last tip, I outlined the belief system that needs to be the fundamental underpinnings of a political platform. Instead of racing to develop policy (as liberals love to do), let's practice some good ol' fashioned diligence and first create a set of guiding principles that will inform future policy decisions:

Guiding Principles Drawn from Beliefs

We Believe America is the Best Place for All Americans to Live, Grow, and Prosper

  • America is a better country when all Americans are better off tomorrow than they are today.
  • Americans prosper when they have good jobs, good friends, a loving family, and can afford to enjoy themselves.

We Represent Keeping America Beautiful
  • Our children deserve a country that is beautiful no matter where they live, visit, or play: our land, our seas, our cities, our plains, our hills, our valleys.

We Represent Keeping America Free
  • Religious freedom and freedom of religion
  • Americans are free to chose their own individual paths in life
  • Freedom to enjoy life as long as it's within the laws we've set for conduct

We Represent Fairness to our Neighbor
  • The next door neighbor
  • The next town over
  • The next city over
  • The next country over
  • The next civilization over
  • No matter what their beliefs, it's our duty to be fair

We Represent Real Democratic Leadership
  • Take the lead in human rights and democratic values
  • Stay aware of the world, so we can continue to lead
  • Invest in innovation, so Americans can continue to lead the world
    • Continue America's rich history of world-class innovation
    • From Coal & Steel, to Ford, to Coke, to Finance, to Internet, to Beyond!

We Represent Safety and Security
  • A 3-tiered Safety and Security Principle:
    • National Defense : Enhance military to handle insurgency wars
    • Local Policing/Safety: Enhance local police to handle domestic insurgencies (ie., gangs)
    • Health & Wellness: Enhance healthcare to protect Americans' physical safety

We Represent Americans Working Together
  • We Americans have more common ground than differences
  • When we unite in our common ground, we ensure success for our future!
  • When we focus on our differences, we waste our time and energy

In future tips, we will drill into these principles, and explain how these will not only create a spiritual gravity that attracts voters all over America, but will also help infuse some much-needed confidence, which will then reassert itself as an attractive force. It will be the positive feedback loop required to take control of the national dialog.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Rove to The Next Guy: It's Time for a Paradigm

Next Guy,

John did his best considering who he is and how he operates. Did his campaign use the advice laid out on Kerrys Karl Rove to help them win? We'll never know for sure. For what it's worth, I did hear the term "abuse" come up in one or two stump speeches, but that was clearly not enough.

John did not immerse himself in a real strategic campaign. There was no diligence in developing the vision, mission, and goals of the campaign. The Kerry campaign was totally tactical, and based on the energy of anger and resentment. As a result, the people who were full of BushHate voted, and the rest yawned and said that they'd rather have a guy who represented something, at least, in the White House, even if he is an abusive, misleading, miscalculating, misinformed bully.

This is what happens when you're out-strategized.

The point of all this is, the opposition party needs a Rovian Strategist that not only exists (many do, including yours truly), but strategists that the party leaders respect and defer to consistency. Let's hope that the Next Guy has this level of discipline.

So, Next Guy, let's start defining the new paradigm now. Paradigm? Yes, paradigm. No policies, no plans, no positions... not yet. If people don't see an alternate paradigm, they will continue to live in and support the current paradigm that "W" has graciously defined for us.

The new paradigm needs a name, which will emerge as we define it. For the time being, let's just call it "D10" (for those of you playing at home, that's Democrat + 2 + 0 + 0 + 8)

The D10 Paradigm


We Believe America is the Best Place to Live, Grow, and Prosper
We Believe in Keeping America Beautiful
We Believe in Keeping America Free
We Believe in Fairness to our Fellow Man
We Believe in America's Leadership
We Believe Americans Deserve Safety and Security
We Believe in Americans Working Together

Can any American argue with these? Of course not. That's the point -- if your core beliefs are universally agreeable, then once you communicate these beliefs, you no longer will have explain your positions. They will explain themselves, because you're going to tie each position to a core belief.

However, you cannot simply tie a belief to a position. You need to generate a set of guiding principles that are based upon your beliefs. The next tip will take us from beliefs to principles. Stay tuned.