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-- what they're saying on Republican blogs

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Republicans Certainly Can Talk, But Do They Walk?


As Senator Larry Craigslist of problems continues to grow, you can and should use this story as the catalyst to kick off a campaign to support the Republican's determination to flush their own party's brand down the toilet.

For those who think politics should be about taking the high ground, it's not evil or wrong to point out things about your competition to sway hearts and minds. In fact, I assert that it's your primary job to explain to voters the differences between Democrats and Republicans: In this case, Democrats represent the brand that is tolerant and honest about sexual orientation, whereas Republicans are proving to be the opposite of who they say they are, and stand for things that they don't believe in.

Which brings to mind the word hypocrisy. The trouble is, we throw around the word hypocrisy a lot in our culture, so simply deploying this term won't raise any eyebrows by itself. Instead, we need to use hypocrisy as the means to a messaging ends.

But before we get to the talking points, let's do some up-front work to establish a pattern of Republican-style hypocrisy:

Many Republicans who claim to be...

  • "Pro-heterosexual" are starting to be exposed as sexually deviant
  • "Pro-military" have never served themselves, nor encourage their children to serve
  • "Pro-family" values have had multiple divorces
  • "G*d-fearing" exert behaviors that go directly against the teachings in the Bible
  • "Pro-life" are also "pro-death penalty."
  • "Anti-immigration" are also pro-business - the same businesses that profit from employing illegal immigrants
  • "Anti-tax" still support expensive government programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security
  • "Pro-America" yet think the Government wiretapping everyone without a warrant is still "America."
So, what do we learn from this? We learn that (most)...
  • Republicans Prefer Hypocrisy to Democracy
  • Republicans Talk the Talk, but Don't Walk the Walk
  • Republicans Talk a Good Game, but Place the Wrong Bets
  • Republicans Think They Represent Conservatives, but Actually Represent Extremists and Deviants
  • Republicans Seem to Need to Hide from the Truth in the Land of Liberty
and, the grand finale... Many Republicans Just Aren't Who They Say They Are

This applies as much to Toilet-Patrol Larry as it does to Mit "I'm pro and/or/maybe against abortion, gay marriage, and everything else" Romney. It runs the gamut, which is why it's fair to generalize and make this a sticking point for the voters.

OK, one more: You Just Don't Get What you Pay for When you Vote Republican.

Pick and choose your favorite lines and start utilizing them when you're on talk shows or writing op-eds. Take these points to the market and re-brand the Republicans before they re-brand you.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Press Release: Karl Rove Resigns; Our Karl Rove Reigns


While removing an "s" does transform "resigns" into "reigns", there's much more than a single letter that separates Karl Rove from Our Karl Rove's respective futures.

Our Karl Rove was actually never intended to be a doppelgänger of Karl Rove specifically. The idea was to take a firebrand figure that represented Republican political success (i.e., Karl Rove) and utilize that energy to improve the fortunes of the Democrats. In fact, Our Karl Rove actually provides services and insights closer to Frank Luntz (in conjunction with the likes of Andrew Card and Karen Hughes) than Karl Rove.

No matter -- the Our Karl Rove brand has provided the author of this blog with the right audience to enunciate strategic framing, messaging, and communications recommendations for the Democrats. Leveraging Karl Rove's identity piqued interest enough to get people's attention in a veritable sea of progressive and liberal blogs. And I expect it will continue to do so in the future. From this perspective, Our Karl Rove has thus far been a success -- which is more than Karl Rove can claim for his supposed permanent Republican majority project.

In fact, while Karl Rove clearly has had more impact to date (much to our country's -- and the world's -- collective chagrin), Our Karl Rove has been more successful in its mission to date.

In response to the inevitable question, "Will there be a name change for Our Karl Rove based on Karl Rove's departure?"...you'll have to stop by regularly to find out. I will say this: One of the many things that both Our Karl Rove and Karl Rove agree on is that "from a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new products in August." In the meantime, I suggest subscribing to the mailing list to ensure that you continue to gain political messaging and insights that you can find nowhere else, and be a part of the blog and its evolution.

Sing it with me: Now that Karl Rove has left the scene, only Our Karl Rove reigns supreme.