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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Rove to the Next Guy: Report to the Principle Immediately

In my last tip, I outlined the belief system that needs to be the fundamental underpinnings of a political platform. Instead of racing to develop policy (as liberals love to do), let's practice some good ol' fashioned diligence and first create a set of guiding principles that will inform future policy decisions:

Guiding Principles Drawn from Beliefs

We Believe America is the Best Place for All Americans to Live, Grow, and Prosper

  • America is a better country when all Americans are better off tomorrow than they are today.
  • Americans prosper when they have good jobs, good friends, a loving family, and can afford to enjoy themselves.

We Represent Keeping America Beautiful
  • Our children deserve a country that is beautiful no matter where they live, visit, or play: our land, our seas, our cities, our plains, our hills, our valleys.

We Represent Keeping America Free
  • Religious freedom and freedom of religion
  • Americans are free to chose their own individual paths in life
  • Freedom to enjoy life as long as it's within the laws we've set for conduct

We Represent Fairness to our Neighbor
  • The next door neighbor
  • The next town over
  • The next city over
  • The next country over
  • The next civilization over
  • No matter what their beliefs, it's our duty to be fair

We Represent Real Democratic Leadership
  • Take the lead in human rights and democratic values
  • Stay aware of the world, so we can continue to lead
  • Invest in innovation, so Americans can continue to lead the world
    • Continue America's rich history of world-class innovation
    • From Coal & Steel, to Ford, to Coke, to Finance, to Internet, to Beyond!

We Represent Safety and Security
  • A 3-tiered Safety and Security Principle:
    • National Defense : Enhance military to handle insurgency wars
    • Local Policing/Safety: Enhance local police to handle domestic insurgencies (ie., gangs)
    • Health & Wellness: Enhance healthcare to protect Americans' physical safety

We Represent Americans Working Together
  • We Americans have more common ground than differences
  • When we unite in our common ground, we ensure success for our future!
  • When we focus on our differences, we waste our time and energy

In future tips, we will drill into these principles, and explain how these will not only create a spiritual gravity that attracts voters all over America, but will also help infuse some much-needed confidence, which will then reassert itself as an attractive force. It will be the positive feedback loop required to take control of the national dialog.

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