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Friday, May 27, 2005

Rove to Democrats: The Truth is Ugly


Kudos on a fine year in politics to-date. You've managed to escape the Conservative Machine and actually gain some ground in the public's eye.

The public needs to see Democrats as tough, united, and principled, because they need these traits in their Commander-in-Chief in 3 years. So far, so good.

However, these are things that are simply slipping through the cracks that you need to take advantage of NOW:

After the "Nuclear" option was scuttled by the Centrist Fourteen (kudos to McCain), the Right Wing came out swinging. Not just the leaders, but the people as well. Letters, phone calls to talk show hosts, cable TV interviews... the whole shebang...venomous rhetoric spewing disgust, anger, frustration, and downright hatred of the Republican moderates (and Frist) who didn't fulfill their radical marching orders.

Don't you see the opportunity here? The vast majority of Americans are actually moderate, and don't like this venomous aspect of our society (on either side). But right now, the truth is out... and it's ugly:

Right Wing Conservatives - the same ones that got "W" into the Whitehouse - are anti-American, unpatriotic, and civility-haters. They are truly disgusted that a compromise was reached. They are disgusted by the fact that compromise was even an option. They are disgusted by compromise. Which, by the way, is a fundamental aspect of the American political system.

What we've learned is that Right Wing Conservatives care more about their ideology than America. I think it's time to start spreading this meme throughout the country, and really put a fork in the radical right-wing movement.

Go to it.

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