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-- what they're saying on Republican blogs

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Rewriting Bush

Democratic Leadership,

President Bush's latest talking point is that you are rewriting history because you now critique his Mafia-inspired run up to war.

This is the perfect opportunity to practice the deflect and divert strategy that Republicans are so good at. Instead of defending your vote and your decision to critique the administration, rewrite his message to benefit you:

"Democrats are not rewriting history. We're trying to rewrite the future, because the future this President has led us toward looks terrible. We need to rewrite the future because what they promised America is not what they're delivering:

  • They promised "freedom on the march," but instead we get "terrorism on the march" around the world.
  • They promised oil would pay for the Iraq war, but instead we get high energy costs for Americans and a war that will tax us, our children, and grandchildren.
  • They promised "homeland security," but instead they got "Katrina'd."
  • They promised Social Security reform, but instead they want to destroy it.
  • They promised they'd get Bin Laden "dead or alive," but instead Bin Laden is still alive and al-Zarqawi is growing the terror network in Iraq.
  • They promised "honor and integrity," but instead we get criminal indictments inside the White House.
  • They promised discipline, but instead we get massive debt that will eventually raise our taxes.
  • They promised "compassion," but now they are trying to cut school lunch funds and Medicaid to help pay for the massive debt they've given us.

See the pattern here? This administration has a bad habit of saying the right thing and doing the wrong thing. Democrats are sick of it, and it's high time we start rewriting the future of this country. It's time for Democrats to be back in the majority in Congress so we can begin leading this country back in the right direction.

So, remember, if you want things fixed, vote for a Democrat in 2006."


jemison said...

Well said. Remember when "the adults were in charge?" These are the kind of trailer trash adults who drink beer and choke down Malboroughs while the kids play in the street outside the trailer park. This abandonment of responsibility will come back to bite us--higher taxes to fix the profligate spending, lost opportunities with the rest of the world community to deal with real problems like N. Korea and Iran, lost credibility, and let's not forget the staggering price we'll be paying for years for the wounded soldiers now returning home.

Anonymous said...

To be more like Rove, you must advise Dems to use his most effective tactic: Accuse Republicans of being wrong on national security.

Here's how I envision an ad:
Republicans think they are better at defending the homeland. Their idea about protecting the homeland: Start a war to create more terrorists, fight the terrorists created by the war, then say we are fighting terrorists, getting American troops killed and maimed, and cutting Veteran's benefits for the ones who survive.
- (Black background with HUGE white letters and a booming, ominous drum noise) Republicans: Wrong on Defense. Wrong on National Security. Wrong for America.

Zeffy said...

I have just stumbled on this site and love what i have read, especially this post on how to respond using Rove's time-tested techniques! Promise Dem politicos are reading...and using this!

van.mojo said...

I do some com work for a guy running for Congress... thanks, this is nice meme here...

mojo sends