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-- what they're saying on Republican blogs

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Everything's Getting Worse

(It's Time for Things to Start Getting Better)


The national mood is now ready for you to come out swinging without sounding "anti-patriotic" or "one with the terrorists."

To put it bluntly, the Republican leadership over the past six years has made everything worse for America.

  • The economy? Worse, except for CEOs and oil companies.
  • Safety? Worse, with global terror on the rise, and Bin Laden still on the loose.
  • Jobs? Worse, with no "next big thing" on the horizon domestically to create new jobs.
  • Taxes? Worse, with over 100 new tax forms created since Bush and his congress took office in 2000.
  • Tax Relief? Worse, because high gas prices are just as bad as high taxes.
  • Religion? Worse, with the erosion of separation between church and state. Our Founding Fathers never wanted it this way.
  • Values? Worse, with corporate and government corruption on the rise under Republican leadership.
  • Vision? Worse, with the biggest ideas being a mission to Mars and WMD's in Iraq.
  • Deficit? Worse, with the largest federal spending in history after Democrats left them a surplus.

Republicans are going to spin this a thousand ways to Sunday, but it's doesn't much matter how they spin it: the results are in, and the Republican Way of Governing has proven not to work.

You can be honest when talking to your constituents: Democrats still need to work harder on their stance on key issues. But tell them where you stand on your issues.

Tell your constituents to vote for you in 2006 to bring the values of discipline, accountability, competence, and innovation back to Washington. Let's start fixing the things that Bush and the Republicans broke.


Lynette said...

I try, try to maintain hope. I've sent this link to so many people. It's discouraging. Thank you for continuing your reasoned, sane, hopeful suggestions. I love your thought process and your writing is superb. lynette

Stanley said...

I'm hoping that Green Industry (like renewable energy and sustainable products) could be that Next Big Thing for jobs and the economy. Unfortunately, the "Republican Way", as you call it, probably won't let it be.

So it's not even like we're without hope, it's more that this government is standing in the way between it and us.

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party who failed to defend America on Sept 11, 2001 has no business tellign anyone who's aiding the terrorists.

We need to ask Bush why he was dealing with the Taliban terrorists before 9-11?

Join the Liberal Democratic party of the United States of America.


anagallis said...

A minor point - I would say it was neo-conservatism, not Republican government, which has failed here.

Jon said...


A fine point indeed! However, part of the point of this site is to ensure Democrats are at political parity with the Rove-powered Republicans. Therefore, one of my goals is to actually take the worst elements of the party and spread it evenly across the entire party, reducing the power and effectiveness of the Republican brand.

Yes, Neo-Cons are only one faction of the Republican party, but the vast majority of the current "Republican Coalition" embraced the Neo-Con philosophy, so they are all to be smashed together as a whole politically... just like Republicans like to smash hyper-liberals with moderate Democrats.

It's not fair... it's politics. And Democrats need to get better at the politics if their policies, philosophies, and values are ever going to regain credibility.

Still, you make a great point.