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Monday, June 05, 2006

Same-Sex Stunts


With all of the focus on same-sex marriage, those Republicans must not really be that concerned about what Americans really care about: our brave soldiers fighting and dying in a failed war, Bin Ladin still on the loose, federal corruption scandals, astronomical deficits, a larger and more intrusive government, or an economy that has lost its appetite for the middle class.

Instead, this administration and their rubber-stamp congress would rather further the agenda of intolerance by trying to once again ban gay marriages through a constitutional amendment.

Funny how big-governmental activism is back in vogue under the Republican brand, isn't it? Funny how focusing on intolerance and division is the only way Republicans think they can win elections anymore? Funny how an abysmal administration tries circus-style stunts in an attempt to win votes, isn't it?

Don't miss a beat on this: Democrats will not participate in Same-Sex Stunts when this country has so many other more pressing issues. If Republicans think that ending gay marriage will help us win the war on terror, put an end to deficit spending, improve the economy, and end government corruption, then all the power to them.

Democrats, instead, will continue to focus on the pressing issues that define our time:

  • Ending the Era of Terror
  • Rebuilding the American middle class dream
  • Focusing on American innovation and strength gained from working together
  • Creating "Smart Security" for America through advancing energy independence, border management, and putting an end to the era of global warming

As long as Republican remain a single-party majority throughout Washington, Americans will continue to be victims of political stunts designed to pit us against each other. These stunts waste our tax dollars, get nothing accomplished, and continue to weaken America's defenses against the real threats of our time: Al Q'aida, the middle-class economy, global warming, and the national divide.

Call a spade a spade: The Republican Congress, combined with the out-of-touch Republican administration, are clinging desperately to political stunts in order to try to keep their majority when the real business of moving America forward is being ignored.

Americans are sick and tired of Republicans choosing political stunts over real progress. It's time for a change in leadership in congress.


Anonymous said...

I am so sick of the rhetoric on both sides. Your NO better than the Republicans in dealing with the middle class.

Both parties ply their wares to their political base. The Deomcrats lost Congress and the Presidency because of the crap you pulled when Clinton was in office. Both Bush and Clinton were and are liars...the only difference is that Bush didnt do it under oath.

After reading your blog I can see why you are going to lose again. Petty, whining, with no real solutions.

Where is the WHIG party when u need it.

Jon a.k.a. "Our Karl Rove" said...

Just so we're clear, this site is not about setting policy. This site is about making policy sound worthy of debate, and win debates.

Not knowing the difference between policy and positioning is one of the serious problems in our culture right now. If Americans could see the difference, we wouldn't be in the mess we are right now.

And, check the About Us page... I'm not a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Well said. and I am not a deomcrat either.

Anonymous said...

Republican economic policies have destroyed more marriages and pose more of a threat to marriages than any issue that Republicans can trump up during an election campaign.

Join the Liberal Democratic party of the United States of America.